The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

Birthday Party Themes

Birthday party themes are based on age, and interests. A theme is made up of decorations and ideas that are matching, that includes invitations, favors, table cloths, napkins, plates and other things that are included while throwing parties. Food is also very important; lots of variety in foods and drinks is important so that every one has something that they like and can choose from.

Some Simple Ideas For Themed Events

Sometimes it is best to have parties at home, they are very much cheaper, and if they are planned right every one still has the same amount of fun. But what can you do at a birthday party for children that every one will enjoy? It really depends on the age group you are planning for but here are some ideas:

  • Animal Theme Ideas2-3: Take them outdoors on a slide, and have a whole jungle theme. Everyone knows children love animals. It is really simple to do too. Just find some table cloths and plates etc. that fit in the animal theme and have some fun activities planned out. For example have some time for playing on a play set, and if that isn’t an option play a game like hide and go seek. Just have some adults to play too and your children will have a really good time. You can have other themes for kids too though, like cars, or dogs, or even princesses. It all depends on your child’s likings.
  • 4-5: It is possible now that your child and guests are interested in arts and crafts. Design your own invitations to hand out, and then for the people who show up let them color their own table cloth (of which you can purchase), and color on your own place mat. Try purchasing some plain white tees that every one can decorate, and in your favors include crayons paper and paint. Decorations might just include stuff like balloons and other things that are hand made. Of course there is also foods to worry about, so you can have a decorate your own cupcake that they can eat after and it will still fit in with the theme. This is a good choice because kids at this age love to have hands on things and it is a really cool idea for them to get their creative ideas in order. Carnival or circus type themes are great for this age as well.
  • 6-8: At this age girls and boys are really interested in different things. A good idea to have if there are mixed genders is a Lego theme party. You can buy pink and purple Lego, and also have the normal colors. Some decorations may include some of your own creations like a Lego cake. Every one can have fun with Lego, but they might get bored. This is when you can turn on the TV and have some of the shows like Ninjago on. It is a great show for kids, and is in Lego. There can also be some contests, with prizes of Lego to be one, and some video games. There are lots of ideas that can go with this theme, therefore it is the perfect idea especially for this age group.
  • 9-12: While kids get older they are interested in very different things. For this age group cool birthday party themes might include video games for boys, or a pizza party for girls. Girls might also enjoy a hollywood movie or sleepover party where they can wear their pyjamas, and watch movies while eating popcorn. It is very easy to decorate for too, have some throw pillows lying about, and some foods and snacks for everyone to munch on. Blankets will probably be needed, and maybe some sleeping bags but that is about it. Then everyone will need breakfast and can go home at a set time. For boys they might like to play some video games like racing or a western style party. Still you can decorate your living room with some comfy pillows and have lots of games to choose from out. Snacks and other foods like hot dogs and pizza.
  • 13-18: This is still an innocent group of whom may enjoy a sleepover party, and perhaps a fun video game, and picture theme. Taking lots of photos, and having a lot of variety to do is important for this age. Maybe if it is a nice day go for a walk, let them hang out with their closest friends. Just allow them to have fun. Still cake and pizza might be a good thing to include. Teenagers LOVE cake and pizza. For decorations just include some themed posters or whatnot. It really isn’t that hard.
  • Good Adult Party Themes19- 25: This is an age group where you can drink and have fun. Have a party with some coolers, and close friends. Have everyone go out to dinner and then come home and have a late night of drinking and having fun. A good theme for this age group might be something fancy like a zebra print design, where you can have a matching table cloth and plates, then some glass cups. It truly does look pretty good. A toga party theme or a simple beach party theme is also a great idea.
  • 26+  Female: This age group and gender might just want a get together where they can talk and drink something elegant like wine. Dress up in a fancy cocktail dress, and have a fun time acting like you are rich. Have some delicacies available for anyone who is hungry, and just hang out.
  • 26+ Male: This type of party can be made up of four simple things. Beer, Pizza, Chicken wings, and TV. The party could be pretty simple and very fun. Watch your game with your best buds, drinking, talking and basically having fun. How could you turn that down? Of course you could have another idea too. Maybe you are one who more enjoys a BBQ, where you can be outdoors eat steaks drink beer and just hang out. Birthday party themes based on sports is also popular.

As you can see there are lots of different, fun birthday party themes to choose from based on age, and gender.

A Quick Summary

Parties are very important for young ones, and older people as well. Of course adult parties might consist of alcohol and small talk with delicacies to eat. Every one loves to party, and everyone likes to know that they have thrown a great party that everyone has enjoyed. Follow some of the tips you have read about and you will be able to throw a successfull well themed birthday party.

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