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1st Birthday Party Themes

Your child only turns 1 once, so why not hold them a party using one of the popular 1st birthday party themes? Especially when it comes to the birthday cake, the baby is the main person of the event. The cake eating part of the party is most likely the best part for the baby, since they get to experience for the first time ever the yummy texture of the cake as they eat it with their hands while us adults eat it with proper etiquette. Obviously you need a camera to capture some a memorable moment of both the lovely party theme you chose for your one year old child, and of course the hilarious first of your child digging in to their cake… literally.

If your adorable little child is a girl, you and your guests, just for the fun of it, could dress up as fairy godmothers and perhaps your child as a princess or a fairy as well. That is a fantastic experience for your small kid, regardless of the fact that they won’t exactly remember this event. However, you can do it when they turn one, and then again when they turn three or four, so that you can get the best out of the party theme you pay for while your child still has a great time.

Also, you can hire photographers that dress up as fairies, too, while taking pictures of your child in her fairy dress and the fairy background you set up. That would be great for a scrap book or photo album you may keep of your child’s first birthday and year after that. It would also be a wonderful way to keep the fond memories of your child’s first year and birthday in mind as well as introduce them to your child once they are old enough.

Of course, if your child is a boy he may not appreciate the whole fairy theme as much. At one, he wouldn’t be able to tell, but you probably wouldn’t want to show him the pictures of his first birthday later on. Obviously you would want to choose more masculine, yet cute 1st birthday party themes for your son’s first birthday. A great choice of a first birthday-party theme would be the teddy bear or bunny land party theme. It is adorable to see your child hop around in a bunny or teddy bear costume you dressed them up in and you can also buy decorations that enhance the whole “bunny land” environment. Also, this theme is not only for boys, it can also be for your little daughter. To specialize it so that it is specifically for your daughter you can add a trimmed banner and set everything up so that it seems like there is a “magical bunny tea party” going on. For your son you can specialize it so that the trimmed banner is blue or green and try a different event other than the tea party-theme.

Another great first birthday-party theme for your little child would be a sesame street party-theme! What kid doesn’t love Elmo and his friends? You can buy paper plates, serviettes, invitations, and party favours that are all shaped or have a character from sesame street on them. It’s simply amazing and will make any party for your little kid the best experience of their life so far. Also, a great benefit from this party theme is that it is suitable for boys and girls, so anybody can attend, and if you by any chance have twins, one boy, one girl, this is a great choice for you!

However, if you do not have time to do a giant set up for your little one, you can always try the simple balloon party-theme. This party-theme basically only involves balloons for your child to hit around. You can buy them balloons that are pink for girls, blue for boys, or if you would like something a little bit more extravagant you can buy balloons with faces on them or characters from children television shows such as sesame street characters, or Mickey and Mini Mouse. You child will simply love to hit these balloons around and who doesn’t appreciate being surrounded by balloons anyways?

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