The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

1st Birthday Party Themes For Girls

A child’s first birthday party is a very important event. A young child may not be able to remember the party, which is all the more reason to throw a huge and fun one for her using any of the listed 1st birthday party themes for girls below. Make it exciting and an event that she will not forget! Make her know that she is important, if she is a first child in a family make it really big, she might not get much more if the family gets larger. It is her big day, let her know that, do stuff that she wants. Make her happy and excited, do stuff that she wont be able to do again. The only thing about it being her day is that you might not have any 1st birthday party themes for girls in mind. Every party needs a theme, for it makes it so much more enjoyable, and looks so much more organized. If you continue reading I have a plentiful list of different party themes that you can throw for your child.

How About Elmo As A Party Idea?

One good and popular idea for a girls first birthday is an Elmo theme. Kids love sesame street, and it can make up a pretty cool party. All you need is some decorations, like Elmo stick ups for the wall, and some red and blue and yellow balloons, maybe some banners, and it should be done. Hang up the decorations, and then you are on the simple second step, food. If it is your child’s first birthday then chances are you aren’t going to need much food for them. Some cheerios or whatever on some Elmo plates for them to eat, and that is probably all. You should have some food out for the adults though, just some sandwiches and soda.

Food is generally very easy, but now comes the activities. The kids will need some time just to run around or whatever, but you could also have Elmo on the TV for them to watch. It is difficult to plan activities for a child so young because they don’t usually have a very big attention span. You can have some toys on the floor, some room to explore and a TV on. That is about it though… That is until you bring out the cake. It is a fun idea to also have a small cup cake placed on a table cloth on the floor. Then you can give it to your daughter and watch her dig in. Save the cake for everyone else though.

By now this fun party should be planned. If you want to you can give out some party favours, it only has to consist of a few things like a stuffed animal or something. If this party theme idea doesn’t work for you and your little girls first party then there are many more options to chose from.

It Could Be As Simple As Pink And White!

Your Little Girl May Like A Dora Theme Too!

How about a Dora party theme? Dora is a fun children character, that every child loves. You can find many Dora decorations as well. Invitations could also be based on Dora. Balloons, banners, wall stick ups, table cloths, napkins, plates… The list could go on,  and everything Dora. This is a great theme to throw because there are so many things you could do for it, like activities.

Dora stuffed animals is something you could have lying around, as well as the TV put on, but you could also play play dough or something. It will make up for a very enjoyable time, and when it comes to cake time your little girl should be very excited. If possible you should have two cakes, one for eating.. and one for playing in. Just let all the kids go at it, surround the area with some table cloths and get ready for a mess. Sometimes it is fun just to let them be free, and what an enjoyable first birthday party for a girl it would be if she could just make a big huge mess with a whole bunch of other kids. Let her enjoy the party, and to do this would make up for a very fun, and messy time.

There are plenty other 1st birthday party themes for girls. There is the carnival or fair party theme, or animal based party themes, or under water party theme, and way more. The favorites seem to be Dora and Elmo though, this is probably because they are created around a real television character, and everyone knows who they are. Every party is very similar to the other though, so if you just looked at how the other parties are organized I am sure you could throw a party based around any theme you want. Have fun, and allow your child to have fun as well.

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