The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

First Birthday Party Theme

A child’s first birthday party is a huge thing. It has to be memorable, and fun. Otherwise what is the point? The only problem is what can you do for your child’s first birthday. A good idea for this important day is to pick a fun first birthday party theme.

If it is your daughters/sons first birthday party I am assuming that they are young. Some great suggestions of first birthday party themes are listed below.

The Zoo Theme

Face it, every child ever met is in love with animals. You can have lots of fun with animal party themes too. Include the best and most favoured animals like lions, giraffes, and monkeys. Table cloths, balloons, toys, and plates should all fit under the category of this theme.  It is a good idea to have a TV show put on for in case the guests get tired. There should be lots of activities that everyone can do. For example coloring, and tag. It is important to have some room for the kids to run around, as we all know children are very energetic.

The last thing to have is food and drinks. For this party theme you could make everyone sit at the table with an animal party hat on while they eat and drink. Food will probably differ towards what age your child is. For ages 3-4+ I would suggest Pizza, and milk.

The Sesame Street Party Theme

It is cute and fun. Children love sesame street, and it is an easy party to throw. Decorations are simple too. Sesame street balloons, a pinata if you want, and a table cloth etc. Something fun for your child to do is that you could have a cake on a plate in the middle of the room on a table cloth. Sing happy birthday and let em dig in. Of course you will have another cake at the side to give to the guests. For more food I would have some fruits and cookies and crackers to give out. This party is a real success.

There are two examples of what you could do with your party, but there are so many other creative ideas to choose from as well regarding a first birthday party theme. Make it memorable for your child. Let the kids have fun, and you can have fun as well. Happy partying.

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