The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

Princess Party Theme Is Great For Girls

Why a Princess party theme? You have a little girl, and you are looking to throw the greatest party ever for her. Can you think of a cute girls birthday theme though? It is pretty easy. Just think back to what she always dreamed of being when she grows up, what every little girl dreams of. And that is being a princess. They love the sweet Disney princess movies, seeing the girls dressed in pretty gowns, with a crown on there head.

Your girl’s party will be the day you can make her dreams come true, and that should is the goal of all girls birthday themes. Make her into a princess, put all the attention on her. Dress her up in a pretty gown, and make up, and tell your friends to dress up too. This will be a fun day to remember, this will be the best party of her life. First you have to learn how to decorate it, as well as plan activities, food, and how to organize it. Please read on to learn what is so great, and magical, about this princess party theme.

Pale colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green, are the colors of the princesses. As we know, we can relate the blue to Cinderella, pink to the sleeping beauty, yellow is both Snow white, and Belle from the beauty and the Beast, and the green is the princess from the princess and the frog. Ask your daughter who her favourite princess is. Take that princess, and allow your daughter to dress up as her. It is easy to find costumes of the Disney princesses. If you can, I would also suggest getting a couple extra costumes so that every one else can play dress up too. Don’t forget the crowns to complete the look. So now that you know what colors you are going to need lets discuss the decorations. The decorations include:

  • Balloons
  • Table cloth
  • Plates and cutlery, as well as cups
  • Napkins
  • Banner
  • Cardboard cut outs of the princesses (optional of course)
  • and also optional, flowers. The best would be a rose.

And that is about it. I would suggest filling the balloons with helium, and hanging them up around the house beside the banner, and table, and anywhere else you want it. To have a cardboard cut out is actually a really good idea because then you can take pictures of everyone beside the Disney princesses, plus they look really cute, and I promise that it will tie your whole princess party theme together.

Activity planning is a big deal. Everyone must be entertained in order for the party to be a success. Not only could you play dress up, and watch the princess Disney movies, but you could also plan some time for arts and crafts. Have everyone make there own crown with glitter glue and sequins. Then you can do some make overs, hair and makeup to match the pretty gowns.  Although you should keep in mind that everything you do should revolve around the main birthday theme that is Princesses. Some great examples are shown in the video below, although it was actually a Princess Tea Party for a young girls birthday.

For food I would suggest to have some small snacks of cookies, and possibly iced tea, to munch on and drink. If you are throwing the party during a meal time, like lunch, then i would suggest to present biscuits, fruit, and fancy sandwich quarters. Everything should look lovely and delicious.

Last of the foods is the cake. The cake must be attention grabbing. It should be pretty, and unique, and should make the whole theme really stand out. Some people might make a large castle cake that is pink, and tasty. Another equally as good idea is to make fancy cupcakes, and then circle all the cupcakes around a toy castle that you might have. It looks cute, and I am certain that everyone would complement the display.

So how to organize your party mostly depends on you, and what time it is being thrown, and what all activities you have planned, and so forth. Remember to keep everyone busy and entertained through out the whole party.

Parties are a big deal for young kids, it is important to plan every detail just right so that every one can have fun. The princess party theme is a lot of fun for children, it is really a very good idea. I hope your Princess party theme is a success. Good luck!



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