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Carnival Theme Party Ideas

Kids love carnivals, and they love parties. Put them together and you have a memorable and fun party to throw, that everyone will enjoy. It is an easy theme to set up too, anything you don’t already have at home is inexpensive and easy to find. Bright colors, lots of balloons, and you are set to go. I am here to help you find ideas and decorations for your very own carnival theme party.

To start with you are going to need a list of equipment. Some of the things I am going to list below are optional, but if you are looking to throw the best party EVER I would try to get most of the stuff.

Bright colored sheets (Red, Yellow, Blue are the best, White and stripes can go with it.) Tables (just a few to hold your stations at) Chairs (for in case someone needs to sit down) Depending on where you are poles and other things to hold a tent up with (you will be making the tents with the bright sheets) Prizes (for the kids to win) Foods Drinks Balloons Hopefully you can get some people to help out with your party so you can have a numerous amount of stations for everyone to go to.

And some other things might be needed as well, but that is most of the stuff that would be good to have. Now to start with your party you need to know if it is going to be indoors or outdoors. Outside is usually a better option for a carnival theme party, but if that isn’t an option for you inside does work too.

If you are working indoors get some furniture you might have in your room out of the way, you want as much space as possible. Set up some tents with the poles and sheets, about 4 is probably good. Hopefully you will have 3 or 4 helpers as well. In all these tents set up a table, then you can make a face painting tent, a balloon blowing tent, a drawing booth, and a balloon popping booth. Hand out prizes at all of these stations, and then you have some happy kids. When all of this is set up have some chips, pop, and popcorn set up on a table then at a special station set up a cake and main meal station. This is where you will open your presents too.

If you are outside when throwing you carnival theme party it is a good idea to do it at a local park, or a place with a play set. This way you can pretend they are rides, and then have the same tents set up as before. Paint faces, pop balloons, make animal balloons, eat, have a play time. Lots of fun! A cool idea is to have someone dress up as a clown, or hire someone and you are set to go.   Invitations are important to invite people to your party. It has to indicate what your party theme is going to be. You can purchase relevant invitations, or as an art and craft you could make your own. What ever works best for you. Then on your invitations you have to provide all of your information, where is your party at? What time? Is there a dress code? And other key factors.

All that you need to remember is that you have to have fun, so that everyone else can have fun too. Below are some great articles dealing with the this central theme idea. Enjoy your carnival theme party!

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