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Candyland Theme Party

A new favored, and fun party to throw is the Candyland theme party. It is really easy to set up for, and always looks really good at a party. This idea can be made unique even if others have the same idea. It is very fun for the guests for they will have many activities to do, and food to eat. If you have any questions on how to throw a Candyland theme party, or on what to purchase for the party continue reading to find out.

To start with lets discuss the small list of purchases you may want to make in order to make your party the greatest. You can read the list below.

  • Banners
  • Balloons
  • Lollipops (the really big ones always look really good, plus you can hand them out after the party.)
  • Goodie bags (put some different small packs of candy and some stickers in it.)
  • Colorful tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups… etc.
  • The main colors should be Blue, Yellow, and Red.
  • Some floor mats (little square ones.)
  • Tea party kit.

Some other things might also be needed once you have started the decorating, but I think that is close to all you need.

This party theme is aimed at children who are 12 years or younger, although with a few little tweaks it can be made for older people as well.

Here is a short video that shows how to make some candyland decorations:

Activity planning is always a pain when planning parties, for this typical party though it can be very easy. Real life candyland for example. (you could also just play the board game if it works better for you.) This is where your colorful mats will come in place. Make your house into a typical Candyland game board with a start and finish. Then you can use either the real game cards from a board game, or make your own based on that. Winner should obviously get a big prize, but you can allow something little for everyone else too. As a prize I would suggest something like smarties. A big pack for the winner, and some little ones for the rest of the guests. This game idea could become a real success. We have more carnival party and game ideas right here.

Another fun activity you could invest some time in is a scavenger hunt. Have a list of things to find, like lollipops and gumdrops, and whatever else you can think of. You can make it even more fun by making teams, and allowing some team names with mascots. Everyone can have some symbolism like a hat, and then send them on there way. The group prize can be something tasty like donuts, or something cute like stickers.

candyland-theme-party-candy-pokerAlthough you already have two good ideas for activities, I will suggest a couple more quick ideas. A pinata is one of them. I mean what person could turn down a pinata? They are lots of fun, plus there are Goodies inside! The other idea you could use is candy gambling. Play a quick poker like game, and in this game you can bid candy! The type of candy can be worth different amounts. Smarties=10, Gumdrops= 20, Licorice= 50… and so forth. The option of games to pick from could go on, and the choice is yours to make.

Now that you have an idea of how to decorate your party, as well as what activities you could do it is time for the other typical party things. Right now we will discuss food. Pick out your child’s favorite soda, and then maybe another drink like juice. Then with food, although this is a candyland party theme I might suggest some sort of fruit. Pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, or any other healthy thing to pick from. Then there is the cake. Cakes can become very fancy for this typical party theme. The type of cake doesn’t matter to much, but it may be a cool idea to make the cake into a candyland game board. This always looks really cool with bright colors and tasty treats. Then of course you can have little candies to give out through out the party for who ever is in need of a small snack and sugar rush. You can read our look at a cupcake themed party event for more cake ideas.

By this time your party should become a complete success. This party is super popular, and favorable because it always turns out looking great, and it is always unique. On top of that everyone always have fun. This idea is cheap, easy to handle, easy to set up, and lots of fun. Nobody will be bored… or hungry if you use these simple steps to set up your candyland theme party. Good luck to you!

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