The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

The Radical 80′s Party Theme

Color, disco, dance floor, baggy clothes, and lots of fun. What does this make up? The 80′s party theme. It is all cool and filled with memories. How would you plan for such a party though? It is actually quite easy. Start with the standard invitations, then move on to the rad decorations, and then plan out the other main features of your party: entertainment, food, and party favors. It looks great, and it is easy to plan. There is no going wrong with this theme, but if you do need help with your party planning then read on.

Whenever you are planning a party you always start with decorations. For this party I would suggest long colorful streamers, of which you can hang from door ways, as well as some confetti to lie on the floor. If you can, make the room nice and dark. Have a disco ball, and glow sticks. That is the only light you will need! Make sure that there is a large amount of space to bust moves, so maybe you can move your furniture around. Lay a mat on the floor, and some hip banners and balloons about, by now you are on your way to throwing a great party.

The next step to party planning after you know what you are going to do with your party, but before you actually decorate for it, you must hand out invitations. The invitations that you hand out must hint at your party theme, and make clear the dress code. It can be lots of fun to dress up for parties, so just go ahead and you can totally make everyone dress hipster.

The next step to what seems to be the never ending list to party planning is the entertainment. Of course you will probably have a disco ball set up, and some room to dance, and some loud punk all time favorite music, but you could also do something else cool like making your own band. Hand out an instrument to everyone, and let them jam out. I mean, who could turn that down? Mostly though, just dance, for that was what the 80′s was all about.

Food. Food is very important. For the snacking food i would suggest sugar sticks, jujubes, coke bottles, and bubble gum. To add skittles and M&M’s might also be a good idea. But then you need some real food. Pizza is the main thing anyone would suggest for the party.

Now it is time to bring up the cake. I always love talking about cake when it comes to a party. You could do something really fantastic with it, like make a cube cake look like a Rubiks cube. Another great cake idea would be to make a pac man cake. Style is everything.

Now we are to the drinks part of the party. All you really need is a large bowl of fruit punch, and some cups. Everyone would have to be happy with that.

By now there is really nothing left to add to your party, unless you want to. This party has always been a big success, it brings back the good times in the past, and it is loud and totally rad. Everyone will enjoy themselves at your party, and compliment you on your amazing thought of the fabulous 1980′s. Have a great time planning your party, and when everyone else is also having a blast you will know that you made the right choice choosing an 80′s party theme.

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