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A Beach Party Theme For Any Season

Whether it is winter, or summer, raining, or sunny you can always enjoy your day, more specifically your party day, while throwing the beach party theme. Indoors or out, there will be plenty to do. Go for a swim, relax on the shore… well pretend to anyways. Nobody could turn down a trip to the beach. Just imagine the fun, finding sea shells, listening to the waves, making sand castles, and having fun. Maybe you cant remake all of these little things with your party, but it will still make a nice day, and everyone will be ensured to have fun. How could you plan to make a beach party theme though? Continue reading to find out.

The first big step to making a beach theme is to decorate the area to look like a beach. So what would you see at a beach? Here is a list:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Shells
  • Balls
  • Buckets
  • Towels
  • Umbrellas

And much more. The beach has everything! You need to capture that image. Here’s the idea: Lay out some towels and umbrellas, you know, where you can relax. Then you can set out some coolers that are filled with ice, and put some juice and soda in it. Throw some beach balls everywhere, and if you can you might want to leave some other blow up toys, like a dolphin, laying around as well. Then, depending on whether your party is indoors or out, you have the option to fill a pool. If indoors you there will be other great activities to do instead. If you want you can have some balloons hanging about too. Sea shells can be spread out on the ground, or hung from walls, or what ever you like. Then there is the idea to include some palm trees. Of course you could always get a blow up one, but you also have the option to use the cardboard ones. When indoors you could use blue streamers hanging from the wall in the patterns of a wave to give the effect of water. By now you should be able to look around and really think that you are on a beach.

Beach Theme

So whats next? Activities. No party could be a success if you don’t have anything fun planned to do. Depending on the location of your party, indoors or out, changes the activities you could include. If the party is outdoors you could have a pool, and let everyone go swimming. Another thing you might want to do is play some volley ball, or even do the limbo. There are lots of activities to choose from. An activity you might want to include somewhere in your party might be a pinata. You can get pinata’s in almost any shape you want. You could get a sun, or palm tree, or a fish, or anything else you might see fit. Pinata’s are lots of fun, and if you have room you could probably include it as an indoors activity as well. Here is a list of more indoor activities you could do at your party:

  • Play limbo indoors- How low can you go?
  • Put on some music and a movie in the background- something quiet, but entertaining and fitting with the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Do some crafting- as a craft I would suggest some sea shell monsters. Some shells, glue, and googly eyes is about all you need.

If you want add some other activities as well. How much you do is really depending on how much time you have. Even with these few activity options, you should be able to throw a very successful and fun party. Nobody will get bored, for all of this should be something new  and exciting for them to do. The next quick party topic to discuss is food. To have a barbeque would be a really good idea, and really get into the beach theme. Hot dogs is a favoured food when at a beach, of course you might also want to make potato salad, or sandwiches. Vegetables could be put on a platter made to look like a beach ball, or put in other cool designs. Then as a drink make some smoothies from everyone’s favourite fruit. It would be delicious. Then there is desert, which will most likely be the cake.  A really good idea for the cake is to make it look like a sandcastle. It is very creative, and will match the party theme perfectly. The beach party theme is great though, because there are other ideas you could try for your cake too. Make a beach ball, or fish, or even a palm tree. Any of these options would look great, and surely be complimented on.

The last step to party planning is the party favours. While everyone leaves and you thank them for coming you could give them a beach bucket filled with little knickknacks, like a shovel, ball, and other little beach toys. You could even include a decorative umbrella, some bubbles, some shells, and a pair of sunglasses. When the guests start leaving you will be able to tell they have had a fun time. The beach party theme is a really great idea at any time of the year. Good luck in your party planning.

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