The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

Jungle Theme Party Fun

If you love the jungle so much, and would like to spend your birthday or your child’s birthday there, then why not hold a jungle theme party!? This party theme will take you straight to the jungle and allow you to have all of the experiences you would have there in the comfort of your home! Plus you and your child will both love the party, and so will your guests. All you need are some basic tips of how to hold the party and decorate things such as making the invites, decorating the household accordingly, finding party supplies that suits the theme, and of course basic games and entertainment for at the party.

Chances are that if you are holding this party it is most likely for your child or somebody much younger than you. With that in mind you should make the invites, or buy some, that suits your child’s age. If your kid is turning two, for example, you can decorate the cards with cartoon jungle animals, such as lions, zebras, and tigers, and then add on the front “You are invited to *Child’s name* 2nd Birthday!” However, if the child is a little bit older, perhaps in between the ages of 5 and 7 you could go with a card that is a little bit more related to jungle theme movies such as Lion King or Jungle Book. The same goes for decorations and party supplies.

Now that you have sent out the party invitations you must go onto the next step, which is decorating. When it comes to decorating you first need to know what age range the decorations are set for. Like mentioned before, if the age range is really young, such as 2, then the best decorations would be cartoon jungle items. However, if the age range is above 4 then you can always go from jungle movies because your child might understand. If you do choose to go with decorations from movies you can get cardboard cut out of characters from those movies and set them around the house. Another idea for the jungle theme party decorations would be to make cardboard cut outs of jungle trees and set them around the house. You can also buy green streamers and hang them in front of entrances for people to walk through so that it feels like you are walking through vines. Remember, the more creative you are with the decorations the better your party will be. Do not be afraid to experiment with decorating, be as creative and unique as you can to make your party one to remember.

To tie everything together buy some jungle theme party supplies. You will most likely find plates, table cloths, serviettes, and cups that all have those cartoon jungle animals on them, those supplies will do just fine. You can also buy the party supplies almost anywhere, so go searching in the closest retail store  to you.

However, you cannot hold a jungle theme party, or any party with that, without any entertainment. One thing you could do for entertainment would be to hire a balloon animal expert to blow up some balloon animals, or you can always learn how to make balloon animals yourself. When the guests arrive you can greet them with their favorite jungle animal balloon! Another thing you can do for entertainment would be to purchase any Lion King game that is appropriate for the child’s age and play it with them and the guest! One other option would be to have a pinata! One that is a monkey, tiger, lion, zebra, or any other jungle animal! Both children and adults love pinatas, so you cannot go wrong if you have one.

Lastly, you need party favors. Party favors are an important part of a party because it shows that you appreciate the guests coming. To begin with the loot bag has to be connected with the theme, so jungle themed. Inside the loot bag you can add candy, balloon animals that your balloon animal expert made, and anything else you think that the guests would enjoy. You can even customize the bags according to which guest gets which bag.

Overall, if you follow these basic tips on how to hold the best jungle theme party, your party will definitely be the best. All of the guests will love it and praise you for your effort!


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