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Pirate Theme Party For Kids

If you are looking for a nice, unique party theme for your little boy then a great party theme to consider would be the pirate theme party. To begin with, you should find everything you can regarding pirates, such as invitations, decorations, supplies, and party favors. Also, you should try to find some pirate themed birthday party games and entertainment for your little one.

Pirate Party themesTo start with, the invitations. Invitations are an important part of a birthday party because the invitation itself one, addresses the theme, and two, obviously gives out the information needed for the party. On your invitation you should start out with making it match your theme. In this case your theme is the pirate theme party, so you should try something fancy like a 3D pirate ship as your invitation. The effort you put into your invitations will show guests how special you really want your party to be. You can start with baking the base of the ship so that the invitation can stand up. Then with a tooth pick you should make the sail and glue a piece of paper on it to write the information on. However, maybe you would prefer to simply go with something a little easier such as an invitation that looks like a pirate, or that looks like a treasure map! All of these are fantastic ideas, and remember, be creative with them.

Next is the party decorations. There is a lot that you can do to make this party very creative and special for your little one, yet stick to the theme. To begin with you most likely want to find and purchase some sort of banner that says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with a picture of a pirate on it or that looks like a treasure map. If you can not find one then you can always make one! Also, you can find some pirate balloons and blow them up! Children love balloons! Get helium put into a few, as well, then you can give those balloons away as party favors! To make the occasion even better, all of the guests, including yourself, could dress up as pirates, and your little one can dress up as the captain because it is, after all, his birthday. Furthermore, for snacks you can use orange slices and stick a toothpick in it with a piece of a serviette glued on as the sale and feed them to the children. Another good idea for the party snacks would be little sandwiches cut into the shape of skulls.

Now for the pirate theme party supplies. The supplies should include pirate themed plates, cups, table cloths, and serviettes. It most likely that it will not be difficult to find these supplies, as long as you look in the local party store. These supplies are mandatory for any party to make it the best it can be. Make sure they all match and suit the theme, though.

Next is the party favors! As mentioned before you can get helium put into some pirate balloons and give them away as party favors. However, that probably is not enough. You can always make some loot bags and fill them with tons of stuff that is related to the pirate theme. To start with the loot bag should look like a giant pirate hat with handles! That would definitely tie the whole theme together, plus you will be praised on your creativity. Inside the loot bag you can add things like pirate bandanas, pirate hats, crazy straws, whistles, fake mustaches, and anything else that comes to mind that is related to pirates.

Lastly, we have pirate theme party games and entertainment. Which games you choose depends on how young your child is. If your child is between the age of 2 and 4 then a good pirate game for them would be Pop Up Pirate. All you do is put the plastic swords into the barrel and first one to cause the pirate to pop up loses. This game is available on amazon. If your child is older than four you can always have a ‘play battle’ with them and the winner can get a prize! There is a countless amount of games regarding pirates for children of any age.

In conclusion, there are many ways to celebrate your child’s birthday and to make it a very special occasion, and one great consideration would be to do the pirate theme party. This party will definitely be one to remember forever and always.

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