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Hollywood Theme Party Ideas And Supplies

Looking for a new unique idea to throw a themed party with? Here is something exciting: the Hollywood theme party. It is lots of fun for everyone. But what would a Hollywood themed party be like? What is one of those parties like anyways? First ask yourself what is a party theme in general. I will answer all of these questions.

To begin with a party theme is a party with a related set of decorations, entertainment/activities, and costumes if wanted. They can be based on whatever you want, and they make parties a lot more fun and organized.

To begin, always have your invitations. Invitations should always reflect on your party as well. A good idea to do with your invitation for your Hollywood party is make it a star invitation. Make everything bold and make it look like you are inviting someone to an actual Hollywood party. If wanted add on your invitation to dress up as a Hollywood star. Dress up is fun for all ages, children love it, and teenagers to young adults don’t often do it. Of course this is only optional, you do not have to if you do not want to.

Decorations are important for party throwing as well. You can do really cool things with your decorations. Lots of stars, and some cutouts of your favourite celebrities. Everyone will love to have pictures with their favourite celebrities. Even if they are only cardboard cutouts. Also lay down some throw pillows and blankets. Some of the main colors to use could be blue, red, and gold. Sometimes silver looks nice as well.

Entertainment and activities are very important when throwing a party so that people do not get bored. Movies could be playing, ones with everyone’s favorite actors and actresses. Music could be playing, and then just have everyone walk around and talk.  For a fun Hollywood game to play you could try the sing along Karaoke on the television, or some guess who games. The Xbox 360 Kinect has a fun game called Youstar, where you act in various movies!

Food is also a necessity for party throwing. When your guests get hungry it is ideal to have some treats around. Popcorn, and Chips are always a good suit for everyone. Then you could have some dip to go with the chips, and some crackers with fancy toppings. To go with all of this some plastic wine glasses with fruit punch always look fun. Unless you are old enough to have real wine that is.

The reason that the Hollywood theme is so great is because it is something different to do. There are plenty of activities that can be associated with the theme, and you will never be able to run out of ideas. Everyone enjoys something that is different, it puts excitement into the minds of the guests. To have a Hollywood theme party is something fun and new. That is why it makes up such a good idea. It will be something to look forward to.

Another cool fact about this theme is that it is really cheap. Most of the stuff you should have already. Also the theme can be very organized. An idea of what order you can throw your party goes:

  • Have guests arriving and listen to music. (this shouldn’t take very long)
  • Turn on a movie and allow everyone to snack and have some drinks.
  • Play the games and have some fun.
  • Anything else that you have planned for the evening.

To wrap things up, the Hollywood party theme can be lots of fun. It is a neat idea, and very unique. Hopefully I have helped to create your party. All I can say now is to have fun!

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