The Best Birthday party Themes And Ideas!

Hollywood Theme Party Ideas

Since more and more people are deciding to add a bit of a twist to their average run of the mill house party, Hollywood theme parties are becoming super popular these days. For a bit of inspiration for your big party or event, take a look at the following Hollywood theme party ideas:

1.) On the back of movie post cards, or on cut outs of Oscar statues, you should send out invitations. In order to generate excitement be creative and imaginative with your invites. Go for black and gold and also address them to the VIP.

2.) In order to send out updates and reminders to your guests you can always start a Facebook group. Also, attendance seems to increase when people can see who all is coming to the party!

3.) For your theme you should decide whether you want it to be a scene from a particular movie or simply and Oscar night ceremony sub-theme. However, make sure you do not mix up your theme with any others, just pick and stick to one particular theme, that is very important.

4.) For when your guests arrive, imagine a long red carpeted entrance for them to walk up. That would be a great thing to consider obtaining for your special event.

5.) If you want your Hollywood Theme Birthday Party to be more believable, a good idea would be to hire a photographer that can take your guests picture in their glamourous clothes, once they enter the party space.

6.) As far as clothing goes, you probably want everybody to look like they are ready for a Hollywood red carpet, so the girls should dress as lovely as possible, perhaps in a beautiful dress that they haven’t had much opportunity to wear, and males should come in fancy tuxedos.

7.) Make your home look like a Hollywood area with posters and props.

8.)  A great idea to do for an Oscar sub themed Hollywood Party would be to give out awards, so that it seems more realistic. You can hand out little prizes for the ‘best dressed couple’ or any other idea that comes to mind.

9.) You should play some very popular Hollywood music at your party, such as “Stardust” and “Singing in the Rain.” Also, you can go for your favourite Hollywood soundtrack CD.

If you follow these Hollywood Theme Party ideas you will certainly have happy guests and a great party that everybody will remember.


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