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Movie Party Theme

Is it that time of year again? The time where your child is going to have a party and invite a whole bunch of friends over. You want to throw a fun and exciting party that everyone will remember and talk about for a long time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unique, but it does have to be fun, and have a touch of you in it. I would say the worst thing about planning a party is thinking of a party theme. Well here is something that goes along with great Hollywood styled themes: How about you try the fun movie party theme! Nothing wrong with that, right? Continue reading to learn what to purchase for this party, and how to decorate and plan it. This party theme is beyond great, and when you are finished with all your decorating and planning, this party is going to be beyond, beyond great!

So, the first step to throwing the party… Decorating! This party is really easy to decorate, and cheap too. So when you think “movie theatre” you should also think “red, and gold” for those are generally the matching colors for this theme and many other party themes. Get balloons in these colors, and possibly some throw pillows. Lay out some fold up chairs, and put some blankets on them all in front of your TV. Make sure to have a wide selection of videos to watch, and lots of food to eat! Be creative and hang up some popular movie posters, and if the room is really dark you could also throw some glow sticks around. By now you should be at the next stage of planning your movie party theme.

Food is a pretty easy topic. For this theme you will obviously eat popcorn, nachos, licorice, M&M’s, and anything else that you can think of and relates to the movie theatre. The popcorn would look really cute in some popcorn bowls, but everything else can just be laid out on a table for your guests to choose from. If this is also during a meal time pizza and/or hot dogs is also a good fit. Drinks might include some pop, but if you want to be fancy, try some homemade milk shakes. As long as everyone has something to eat and drink, and a small variety of this stuff, then this part of your party planning is complete.

Activities are pretty self explanatory when you realize it is a: Movie Party Theme! So one of the main things you should be doing at your party is watching movies. If you want you can take everyone to the local movie theatre, but that is optional. Sometimes just watching a show isn’t enough though. That’s why you should plan some other activities as well. Video games is one option, but depending on the amount of guests that are over also depends on whether or not that is an option. Board games can always be played though! All of the newest, and most fun games you can think of, Quelf, Pictionary, Cranium… whatever you can think of! This party of yours is going to turn out great!

So now that you have read all about the movie party theme what do you think? Sounds like fun, am I right? There is no going wrong in this party idea. I promise you that this party will be a blast! In fact, watch how it can turn out:

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